Rehabilitation of an emergency hospital, Syria

Technical support for the rehabilitation of an emergency hospital. Médecins Sans Frontières Netherlands, Raqqa, Syria, March – July 2018.

The organization’s goal was to set up a medical facility with an emergency room, an operating bloc of two or three operating rooms and an outpatient department. Given the urgency of the situation it was decided from the outset to rehabilitate an existing building rather than to construct a new one. The first task was therefore to identify a building suitable for the installation of an emergency health facility.

Raqqa Hospital renovation Ärzte ohne Grenzen, 2019

The rehabilitation project was then designed in collaboration with medical specialists from the Amsterdam headquarters, including the technical referents for surgery, laboratories, radiology and infection control. The construction and administrative documents (drawing file, bill of quantities, technical specifications, tender documents) were established to launch a bidding procedure and to identify a company for the execution of the construction works. A local team has been set up for the daily monitoring of the building site.

Raqqa Hospital renovation inside Ärzte ohne Grenzen, 2019