Areas of Activity


Construction of health facilities

  • TB and MDR-TB
  • Isolations: Ebola, Cholera
  • Study of flow and sizing design
  • Construction site supervision

Storage and management of drugs    (pharmacies)

  • Sizing of temperature-controlled chain
  • Sizing of cold chain
  • Building design
  • Selection of equipment and furniture Implementation and asssessment of basic logistics


Hospital hygiene

  • Collection and treatment of medical waste
  • Minimize the risk of transmission of nosocomial infections
  • Universal precautions, HIV
  • Control of air quality, TB, IRA
  • Vector Control, Malaria, Dengue

Environmental Infection Control

  • Prevention strategy
  • Definition and evaluation of contingency plans
  • Emergency Technical Response


Solid Waste Management

  • Quantification and qualification of waste production
  • Collection, transportation and storage
  • Selective sorting and treatment
  • Infectious waste management

Wastewater management


Access to drinkable water

  • Hydrogeological analysis
  • Identification of water needs
  • Identification of available resources
  • Chemical and biological water quality
  • Water vulnerability and protection

Water engineering

  • Spring catchment, wells, boreholes
  • Permanent and temporary storage
  • Treatment of drinking water
  • Distribution (network sizing, emergency distribution)

Bureau d'étude technique pour les acteurs du développement international – Technical design office for international development actors