We will study your organization and the objectives of your evaluation work and will take time to determine your questions and intentions. We will define together deliverables such as maps, plans, inventories, reports, recommendations … At the end, we will evaluate to what extent the results obtained are consistent with the initial objectives and the means implemented.

Our assessments are carried out through the cross-check of information obtained in  available databases and during interviews with resource persons. Research work may complement this information. In all cases we will give priority to the field study and the understanding of the context. We will compare your project with existing standards (international standards or regulations specific to your organization) and will apply them according to the expectations of the various stakeholders to make our recommendations.

Exploration of needs:

For projects under development or to diversify, when the population changes, or before the start of an intervention in a specific geographical area and to locate and establish a priority scale of your interventions, we can organize a focused assessment of an area or issue.

In this context, we realize both a “social” study that will include interviews with beneficiaries and a technical study that will map existing infrastructure (schools, health centers, wells, latrines …).

Project assessment:

Assessment of structures:

For buildings (schools, health structures …) or hydraulic structures (wells, reservoirs …) we organize technical diagnostics giving you an objective view of the quality of achievements, the use of materials and performance of structures (bore hole yield, seismic standards of buildings …). The evaluations are complemented by experimental campaigns (sampling, water testing, building surveys).

Assessment of functioning:

We evaluate how support services are organized to enable the structures to function properly. Specifically we look at how the work is divided, what are the tasks required of the staff and therefore their workload, if they have the necessary skills and any training needs. Our assessments are followed by clear and budgeted recommandations allowing you to scale your project optimally.

Assessment of technical programs :

For more complex projects or programs (access to water programs, drilling campaigns, epidemics control, health coverage plans) we evaluate the location of structures, the relevance of activities, teams and various stakeholders technical competence and the results achieved given the original objectives. We evaluate the performance of programs using measurable indicators and we will issue operational recommendations that will confirm your choice or you will allow you to redirect your programs in an efficient way.

Bureau d'étude technique pour les acteurs du développement international – Technical design office for international development actors