Water and Sanitation Project Evaluation, Burkina Faso

Assessment of the projects “Provision of drinking water and sanitation in the municipality of Dapélogo, Burkina Faso” and “Strengthening and sustainability of water and sanitation management in the municipality of Pabré, Burkina Faso”. Luxembourg Red Cross. Jun. Jul. 2017

The assessment aims to determine the relevance and effectiveness of the two projects as well as their degree of achievement of the objectives and indicators.  The activities implemented include a satisfaction survey of beneficiaries, measures of the quantity of water distributed and its quality, the inspection of the structures and their environment, the meeting of the different actors, the review of project documents and official documents related to water.

The observed results were compared to the initial expectations and the differences were highlighted. It can be seen that the technical aspects have been well mastered and that the main complexities lie in the management of networks by user associations and municipalities. This specific point has been given particular attention in the context of political and administrative changing. A large quantity of additional water, potable and affordable, has been made available to residents and professionals in a future extension area of the city of Ouagadougou.