Influenza infection control preparedness, Indonesia

Review of the SOP, Standard Operating Procedures, for logistics to support the establishment of field hospital for epicentre of influenza pandemic in Indonesia. World Health Organisation. Sep. 2017

The objective is to adapt the Indonesian Armed Forces field hospital to the hospitalization and treatment of avian influenza patients. A workshop was conducted in collaboration with Armed Forces officials and WHO experts in order to highlight the constraints of a major epidemic using a transmission based approach. The essential principles of infection control as well as the different circuits (patients, medical staff, hygienists) were exposed, including a special attention to the safety of the medical staff. Significant advances were made during the workshop and a first version of the field hospital, that already took into account the essential prescriptions for the reception and the treatment of patients, was installed as part of a large simulation exercise. From this first installation, corrections and remarks were shared with the members of the Armed Forces and mentioned in the final report, including graphic documents and list of SOPs.