Hospital construction technical audit, DRCongo

Technical audit of the project “Construction and rehabilitation of health structures in the province of North Kivu, Province Orientale, Province of Kasaï-Oriental and Province of Kasaï-Occidental, Democratic Republic of Congo”. Philanthropy Advisors / KPMG. Jul. Nov. 2017

The objective of the technical part of the audit is to review and analyse all the deliverables planed in the construction contracts, to estimate the progress of the work on each site and to measure the differences between the forecasts and results. The effectiveness and efficiency of site monitoring are also to evaluate. The response elements are collected from field and capital visits, interviews of actors and stakeholders, systematic review of written documents (general and specific conditions of the bidding documents, technical specifications) and graphic documents (plans, sections, facades), aerial photos as well as thematic researches. The final conclusions focuse on the procedures mentioned in the tender documents, the description and conception of the buildings and the management of the project. The progress of the various hospitals and the financial gaps were estimated but access to the sites was limited by poor security conditions.