Resilience to climate change in urban context, Niger

Strengthening the resilience to climate change of vulnerable communities in the urban district of Saga in Niamey, Red-Cross of Luxembourg, Jan. 2019

The aim of the mission is to define the technical activities to be implemented in the new project of the Luxembourg Red Cross located in the urban district of Saga in Niamey and financed by the Ministry of Sustainable Development of Luxembourg. The Saga district, on the left bank of the Niger River, was heavily affected by recent flooding as the growing and uncontrollable urbanization of the area caused an increased runoff water during the rainy season.

This assessment was conducted on the basis of in-depth visits of the various sectors concerned, numerous meetings with the inhabitants, local authorities, institutions and ministries involved in the management of the district. A complete review of publications on the subject as well as ongoing projects has been completed. On the one hand, the project proposal consists of the creation of a retention basin upstream from the habited areas in order to collect rainwater and thus minimize flooding in volume and strength. This basin will also allow the development of market gardening activities on its banks all year long. On the other hand, the project aims to improve the outflow of water in the river by rehabilitating parts of the drainage network downstream.